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Fr, 24.05.2019, 18:24:03
Adventitiously i made my own script of shootable laser mine which is better. I don't know how old script worked (i just don't want waste time) but in game it visibly worked a bit wrong. But i can explain how my script works:
If player have right weapon then do way check: if on this tile laser mine then check if in this zone(i used circle) laser mine then destroy laser mine and stop further counting. This means that now you can destroy any laser mine. Also you can't destroy LM with M3 if distance > 160.

I have updated some maps(added new lighting):

I will update other maps too.
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At this moment i'm working on Barnacle Grapple and v.3 of HUD. Also i almost finished map "xendance".

About XenDance. There is 4 spawn points on "flying islands". Near spawn will be teleporter which teleports you to random point (1/4) of main island. Map is two-storied. So trampolines can help you to fly to second storey of main island. To jump between islands you can use longjump or trampoline (in possible future also barnacle grapple). You'll die if you'll try to fly in open space.

After release of CS2D i will add lighting to the maps. Command "setammo" will be used for limiting weapons like crossbow(10->5), Glock (20->17), Colt(7->6) and others. Not sure if i need to increase the limit.
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Now it's official site of the Half-Life 2D. Here you can download HL2D, talk about HL2D and etc.
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